Women's History Walk

Contemporary women in Colorado stand on the shoulders of giants — many of them completely unknown to modern citizens.

Though most women moved out West in the 19th century as wives and mothers first, the frontier presented them with compelling opportunities to buck convention and contribute economically, politically and socially in completely new ways.

Shared on this walk, their stories are no less important for being resigned to footnotes in the historical record.



An interactive walk through the heart of historical Denver covering the stories of six remarkable women over an hour and a half.

Don't expect to stop at tourist attractions or hear about well-known figures like Molly Brown.

This isn't your grandmother's walking tour — though we're pretty sure she would love it regardless!



Kids 12 and under come free! (Time to start inspiring the next generation of history nerds.)


Words, Words, Words


Historic AF.

Yeah, you read that right. Historic, not historical. These two insatiable women are making waves in an industry that really matters — remembering the past.

— Definitely not Grace

Surprisingly Good Sober!

I was worried "Drunk History" had permanently tainted my appreciation for storytelling, but the guides at HistoriCity are weird and compelling without extra help.

— May or may not be Kendra

Really Tired of Facts...

Grace & Kendra have been hitting the books like crazy prepping for these walks. I'm just so glad they're going to start sharing these nuggets with someone else now. 

— Grace's Husband Jon


Speaking of nuggets...

Run, don't walk, to reserve your spot.