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Dark History Walking Tour - Next walk 10/30 @ 5:30 pm!

Dark History Walking Tour

On this walking tour, you'll experience the early days of Denver through the eyes of Ned Wynkoop, Denver's first sheriff. He was also a barkeep, a sharpshooter, a Civil War soldier and a loyal husband (at least we think he was...). Ned witnessed everything from gambling and drinking to prostitution, duels and death. Learn about his role in key events in Colorado's history and how he interacted with other influencers of the time. 

$18/person or challenge someone to a duel — 2 tickets for $27.

Kids 12 and under come free. However, this tour contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for young children.


Women's History Walking Tour - Contact us for a private tour!

Women's History Walking Tour

For women, the frontier presented compelling opportunities to buck convention and contribute economically, politically and socially in completely new ways. On this interactive walking tour through the heart of historical Denver, we cover the stories of six remarkable women over an hour and a half. Don't expect to stop at tourist attractions or hear about well-known figures like Molly Brown. This isn't your grandmother's walking tour — though we're pretty sure she would love it regardless!


Kids 12 and under come free! Time to start inspiring the next generation of history nerds.


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