How do you pronounce historicity?

We promise it'll just roll off the tip of your tongue once you have it down [his-tor-iss-i-tee].

In case you're wondering, historicity means historical authenticity. We're motivated by what it means and intend for our tours to reflect that definition. We'd also love it if you go tell a friend what historicity means... and tell them about our tours while you're at it! 

Who should come on our walks?

It’s hard for us to understand why anyone wouldn’t want to come on a history tour. (Grace’s husband assures her there are people like that out there…) So here’s our take on who’s a good fit: our mothers, your mother, friends and colleagues of Grace & Kendra (We see you Craftsy!), people who appreciate a well-told story, history lovers, folks with family in town who are looking for something local to do that isn’t drinking beer or taking the tea tour, transplants eager to learn about their adopted city,  and eligible bachelors interested in meeting their feisty, future wife while she’s giving a historical tour (For Kendra, obvi).

Where do your tours start and stop? How long do they last?

Both our walks begin and end at Union Station and last an hour and a half.

Can I bring my dog? 

Denver loves dogs. However, given the interactive nature of our tours and the diverse set of people who participate, we ask that you not bring your dog on this walk.

Can children participate in HistoriCity? 

Yes!... and no. We’d love to have children participate in our walks and trust parents to make the appropriate call. Can your child cover the distance over the course of a couple hours? Awesome! We’d be excited to have young minds learn more about our collective history. Is your child an infant or toddler? Great! It’s never too early to listen to stories of the past while snacking (or snoring) from the comfort of a stroller. Please note that given the scandalous content of our Dark History Walk, we recommend parents consider whether or not their children are young or old enough to participate.

What should I bring? 

Most importantly, we ask that you bring curiosity and a community mindset; you never know who you might meet on one of our tours! It is Denver and our tours are outside, so we also recommend you look at the weather report and bring some or all of the following: sunglasses, sunscreen, water, layers, and an umbrella or rain jacket. We’re also walking, so comfortable shoes help ensure that you focus on the stories and not on your feet!

What if it rains or snows or…? 

Colorado is known for it’s sunny days (300+ so they say!). But it’s also known for changing weather and the occasional seasonally appropriate rain- or snowstorm. Weather will be a rare disruptor for our tours, but in the event of unfavorable conditions, we’ll communicate cancellations as soon as possible and rebook or refund accordingly.

Do you do tours for large or private groups? 

Yes, definitely! The more, the merrier. If you have a group of 8+ and would like to participate in a regularly scheduled walk or coordinate a private one, please reach out to us at

Do Grace and Kendra accept tips? 

We’re not going to get rich giving tours, but we’re not going to say "no!" if you’d like to tip us at the end of our tour either :) Tips graciously accepted though not expected.

Shout-outs - Who helped you make HistoriCity possible?

Thanks for asking! We couldn't have done this without the help of some of our friends. Special thanks to Becky Olstad for photography, Dan Ito for logo design, Alberto Canas for marketing tips, and Anna Ghublikian for academic wisdom.