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We've got two.

Like flannel and whiskey, Grace and Kendra are the perfect pair for this unabashedly West-obsessed endeavor: Grace is the veteran tour guide, and Kendra, the insatiable tour goer. Both women are Colorado natives and were born wondering, “What was it like way back when?” (They’re also pretty damn sure they wouldn’t have cut it as pioneers… We’ll leave it to professionals to decide whether that’s the source of their unique historicalling.)

Kendra, having recently returned to Denver from a 6,500 mile road trip, wanted to find a way to re-live some of the best moments of her trip — historical walking tours through Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York and Washington, DC. She thought it’d be fun to discover and tell the stories of Denver to any and every audience who would listen while walking through the streets and neighborhoods of her sunny, beautiful hometown. She also knew Grace was the best partner for such an endeavor and excitedly pitched the concept over old fashioneds at a historical bar in Five Points.

Thankfully, Grace not only agreed but immediately started to shift the conversation from an inkling of an idea into an inspired path toward action. They left the bar that night full of energy and enthusiasm and through the steps of research, content development and building the business, that passion and excitement continued to develop.

HistoriCity is Grace and Kendra’s answer to the question what would you do if money or image were no object. Who wouldn’t love to be paid (at least a little something) to read, research, write and tell stories about their favorite places?! For now, the walking tours are a passion project, not a day job. And as a labor of love, you can be sure that these ladies have put their heart into uncovering the unbelievable personal histories that go beyond the tourist’s pamphlet.